Median API

A GraphQL based feature rich blogging API.

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Today blogging is one of the most popular form of written content creation and sharing. Each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages. And this means there are a tonne of blogging websites, either personal or a community (like medium). And everyday, new platforms with great features are showing up. Setting up these platforms is an easy but laborious task. In an ideal condition, developers should focus on the features that make their their site different from others, rather than just reinventing the wheel.


As much of the backend infrastructure required while setting up a blogging platform is similar, the solution I came up with is a universal blogging framework, in form of an API, named Median.


Median API is a feature rich, platform agnostic GraphQL based blogging API. It provides a ready-to-use back end for developers creating blogging interfaces and thus allows them to focus solely on the front end of their application. The front end application can be written using any framework, on any language or platform, the API can be integrated with it as long as the framework provides a service for GraphQL requests. The API is designed with automatic documentations of endpoints (or query/mutations) in mind and thus abstracts away a large overhead of going through human written documentation. But there is also a separate manually written documentation explaining various other possibilities provided by API that self-documentation does not cover. These include rate-limits, depth-limits, authorization mechanisms, environment configurations etc.